About Us I live in a small town called Philippolis, which falls within the semi-arid sheep ranching region in the southern parts of the Freestate, a Province of South Africa. I got hooked on predator calling in 1991 and made a living for more than 14 years hunting problem animals in the sheep farming regions of South Africa. I used calling as the main method to control predators that caused serious economic losses to sheep farmers. I started hunting problem animals, professionally, in 1995 and have hunted all over South Africa. I also present courses and programs in calling to ranchers and hunters in South Africa and Namibia. I have a small ranch a short distance from Philippolis and am currently employed as the Reserve General Manager of a 30 000 ha privately owned nature reserve in the Philippolis district. I am an enthusiastic predator caller, hunter, fisherman and love the outdoors.
An eland I walked and stalked with a bow
A coyote I shot while visiting a friend in Colorado
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