Why do predators react to a call
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A predator reacts to calling for the following reasons: HUNGER - In this condition, they react quickly and will react to any prey distress call. It will try and beat its partner to the animal in distress. CURIOSITY - Predators are generally inquisitive and react to any distress call, this is a very slow reaction and predators might only come in after 20-25 minutes of silence. TERRITORIALITY - Jackal are very territorial especially in the mating season and when they have their young. (Spring to Autumn). A jackal howl usually does the trick and this is usually a quick reaction accompanied by a vocal response. PROTECTIVENESS - Predators protect their young and their mates. A jackal in distress or puppy wine will bring the mate or adults in on a dead run. This kind of reaction is usually very aggressive and quick. SOCIAL CALL - On various occasion jackal will only respond vocally without coming in. That is what we call a social call but it indicates the direction to move towards to call them in. Try to make your call as natural as possible. If a jackal is wary, don't call too much lest it learns to associate the calls with danger. The jackal is a very quick learner. High volume calling should not be used except in strong winds as many animals, especially cats, react negatively to it.
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