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Calls: There are two types of calling devices for the calling of predators in South Africa: The Electronic call: A cassette-, CD-, MP3 player or unit replays the authentic animal sounds. The advantage of the electronic call is that it has great volume for strong winds, various sounds can be played and the speaker can be placed away from the hunter so that the predator focuses on the sound and not the hunter.  I used the Fox pro model 532B remote unit for about 4 years now and it has never failed me. I upgraded to the FX3 but unfortunately had to send it back after two days of usage as it lost its transmitting ability to only 3m. Fox pro repaired the unit free of charge but to get it back to South Africa, the shipping cost $160-00(US).
Why do predators react to calling
The trusted FX3 on the left With the different hand calls on the right. Crit'R Call (top), Tally Ho, Faulks Call, ect. (bottom)
Hand Calls: The advantage of the mouth blown call is that it is inexpensive and easy to carry. Two kinds of mouth blown calls are available, the open reed (Crit'R'Call) and the closed reed (such as the FOLKS PREDATOR CALL, ACME and a few others). My favorite is the open reed because it is more versatile than the closed reed and many a sound can be blown on the open reed call.
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