Koeëls se afkortings

Die regte terminologie vir wanneer na herlaai en herlaai komponente verwys word.
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Koeëls se afkortings

Post by Deon R » Fri May 27, 2016 5:20 am

Behoort handig te wees:

Bullet Acronyms and Abbreviations
This is a list of acronyms and abbreviations used to describe bullet shapes and/or
construction. The following are very common abbreviation you will see associated with
+P - Contains a higher powder charge than normal (10-15% overpressure).
+P+ - Contains a much higher powder charge than normal (20-25% overpressure).
J - usually Jacketed.
P - usually Point.
S - could be Soft, Semi, Spire or Spitzer.
The list below is not a complete list, but you will get the idea. For example, you can use
this information to put together or figure out the abbreviations or acronyms for a
particular bullet shape such as SWCHP (Semi-Wad Cutter Hollow Point) or JHPBTS
(Jacketed Hollow Point Boat-Tailed Spitzer.)

Bullet and cartridge companies have also introduced some creative new names for
bullets in an effort to distinguish their products from those of other companies. These
are generally used to describe a particular product, rather than the general bullet
construction. For example, Remington's Golden Sabre bullets would rightly be
described as JHP(Jacketed Hollow Point), however, they have chosen to label them
HPJ(High Performance Jacketed) instead. A listing of the new acronyms and
abbreviation is listed below.

Acronyms and Abbreviations:
A A-Frame (Swift)
ACC Remington ACCelerator
ACEL Accelerator Discharging (or Discarding) Sabots
ACP Auto Colt Pistol
A-MAX Polymer tipped long range target bullet (Hornady)
AP Armor Piercing (has a steel or other hard metal core Military)
API Armor Piercing Incendiary (Military)
APT Armor Piercing Tracer (Military)
APTI Armor Piercing Tracer Incendiary (Military)
AT-BT AccuTip Boat Tail (Remington)
BBWC Bevel Base Wad Cutter
BD or Ball, Duplex M198 - Contains two bullets (Military)
BEB Brass Enclosed Base
BEE FP varmint bullet for .218 Bee (Hornady)
BJHP Brass Jacketed Hollow Point
BP Bronze Point
BT Boat Tail, also Black Talon (Winchester)
BTBT Ballistic Tip Boat Tail (Nosler)
BTHP Boat Tail Hollow Point
BTM Boat Tail Match
BTSP Boat Tail Soft Point
C/T Combat Target (Hornady)
CB Cast Bullet
CL Core-Lokt (Remington)
CL-SIL Cannelure - Silhouette (Hornady)
CLU Core-Lokt Ultra (Remington)
CMJ Complete Metal Jacket
CNL Conical Nose Lead
CP Cone Point
DEWC Double Ended Wad Cutter - can load either way (Cast Bullet)
DPX Deep Penetrating X (Cor-Bon cartridge with a Barnes X all copper
hollow-point bullet)
EFMJ Expanding Full Metal Jacket (Federal)
EP Expanding Point
FEB Fully Encased Bullet
FMC Full Metal Case
FMJ Full Metal Jacket
FMJBT Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail
FMJ-ENC Full Metal Jacket - Encapsulated (Hornady)
FMJFN Full Metal Jacket Flat Nose
FMJFP Full Metal Jacket Flat Point
FMJRN Full Metal Jacket Round Nose
FMJRP Full Metal Jacket Round Point
FMJSWC Full Metal Jacket Semi-Wad Cutter
FMJTC Full Metal Jacket Truncated Cone
FN Flat Nose
FNEB Flat Nose Enclosed Base
FNSP Flat Nose Soft Point
FP Flat Point
FS or Fail-Safe Partition bullet with steel bands around lead cores (Winchester)
FST Winchester Fail Safe Talon (Black Talon)
GAP Glock Auto Pistol
GC Gas Check (Cast Bullet)
GD Gold Dot (Speer)
GDHP Gold Dot Hollow Point (Speer)
GS Golden Saber (Remington)
GS Grand Slam (CCI)
HAP Hornady Action Pistol (Hornady)
H&H Holland and Holland
HBWC Hollow Base Wad Cutter
HC Hard Cast
HE High Energy
HM Heavy Magnum
HMR Hornady Magnum Rimfire
HORNET Extra thin jacket for .22 Hornet (Hornady)
HP Hollow Point
HPBT Hollow Point Boat Tail
HPJ Remington High Performance Jacketed (Golden Sabre)
HPWC Hollow Point Wad Cutter
HS Hydra Shok (Federal)
HS & HS2 Hi Shok & Hi Shok 2 (Federal)
HSP Hornady Soft Point, also Hollow Soft Point
HST (no actual meaning) a type of hollow-point (Federal)
I Interlock (Hornady)
IB Interbond (Hornady)
IRT Indoor Range Training (Federal)
J Jacketed
JET FP for 22 Rem Jet Revolver (Hornady)
JFP Jacketed Flat Point
JHC Jacketed Hollow Cavity, (Sierra jacketed hollow point)
JHP Jacketed Hollow Point
JHPBT Jacketed Hollow Point Boat Tail
JSP Jacketed Soft Point
JSPF Jacketed Soft Point Flat
JSZ Jacketed Stranded Zinc (Federal)
L Lead
LBT Lead Bullet Technology
LF Lead Free (Nontoxic)
LFN Long Flat Nose (LBT design), also Lead Flat Nose
LFP Lead Flat Point
LGC Lead Gas Check (Cast Bullet)
LHP Lead Hollow Point
LM Light Magnum
L-N-L Lock-N-Load (Hornady)
LRN Lead Round Nose
LSWC Lead Semi-Wad Cutter
LSWC-GC Lead Semi-Wad Cutter, Gas Checked
L-C Lead Combat
L-C/T Hornady Lead Combat/Target
L-T Lead Target
LTC Lead Truncated Cone
LWC Lead Wad Cutter
MB Multi Ball (Shot)
MC Metal Cased (basically FMJ)
MJ Metal Jacket
MK-BTHP Match King Boat Tail Hollow Point (Remington)
MON Monolithic Solid
MRWC Mid-Range Wad Cutter
MR-X Improved TS with poly tip & tungsten rear core (Barnes)
NBT Nosler Ballistic Tip
NOS Nosler
NOSBT Nosler Ballistic Tip
NP Nosler Partition
P Plated
PB Parabellum Lead Bullet - Lead is abbreviated Pb from its Latin
name 'plumbum.' Pb might also be used (on cartridge cases rather
than bullets) as an abbreviation for Parabellum.
PG Partition Gold (Winchester)
PL Power-Lokt (Remington)
PP Power Point
Pro-Tex Bore Lead bullet with a zinc washer cast in base (Cast Bullet)
PSP Pointed Soft Point or Plated Soft Point
PSPCL Pointed Soft Point Core-Lokt (Remington)
R.E.A.L. Rifling-Engraved-At-Loading (Lee muzzle loader bullet)
RN Round Nose
RNFP Round Nose Flat Point
RNL Round Nosed Lead
RNSP Round Nose Soft Point
RHT Reduced Hazard Training (Federal and CCI/Speer low toxicity
S&W Smith and Wesson
SBBT Soft Point Boat Tail
SCHP Solid Copper Hollow Point
SFHP Starfire Hollow Point (PMC)
SHP Speer Hollow Point
SJ Semi Jacketed, also Short Jacket (Hornady)
SJHP Semi Jacketed Hollow Point, also Soft Jacket Hollow Point
SJSP Soft Jacket Soft Point
SLAP Saboted Light Armor Penetrating
SOL Solid
SP Soft Point, also Spire Point, also Spotter-Tracer (Military)
SPSX Spire Point Super Explosive (Hornady)
SPTZ Spitzer
SSB Swift Scirocco Bonded (Remington)
SSP Single-Shot Pistol (Hornady)
SST Super Shock Tip (Hornady)
ST Silver Tip HP (Winchester)
STHP Silver Tip Hollow Point (Winchester)
Sub Subsonic
SWC Semi Wad Cutter
SX Super Explosive or Hornady Super eXplosive
SXT Supreme Expansion Technology or Supreme eXpansion Talon or
Black Talon (Winchester)
TAP FPD Tactical Ammunition Police - For Personal Defense (Hornady)
TB Trophy Bonded
TBS Trophy Bonded Solid
TC Truncated Cone
TCMJ Truncated Cone Metal Jacket
TCSP Truncated Cone Soft Point
THP Tubular Hollow Point
TL Tumble Lube (Lee)
TMJ Total Metal Jacket -- like FMJ, but the copper jacket even wraps the
rear of the bullet and totally encapsulates the lead. Also CMJ, FEB
TNT TNT hollow point (Speer)
TRI Triad Group (A Square)
TRU Tactical Rifle Urban (Federal)
TS or Triple-Shock Improved X-bullet (Barnes)
UHC Ultra High Coefficient (Hornady)
VLD Very Low Drag
V-MAX V-Max Polymer Tip Varmint Hunting Bullet (Hornady)
V-MAXBT V-Max Boat Tail (Hornady)
WC Wad Cutter
W/C With Cannelure (Hornady)
WLN Wide Long Nose (LBT design)
WLY Woodleigh
WMR Winchester Magnum Rimfire
WSM Winchester Short Magnum
WSSM Winchester Super Short Magnum
X or X-bullet Solid copper hollow-point bullet (Barnes)
XP3 FS without the steel bands (Winchester)
XTP Extreme Terminal Performance (Hornady jacketed hollow point)

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Re: Koeëls se afkortings

Post by LongWolf » Tue Sep 13, 2016 6:52 am

:o you had a lot of time to type all of this O0

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Re: Koeëls se afkortings

Post by tripodmvr » Tue Sep 13, 2016 7:08 am

Daardie is eerder "copy and paste".
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Re: Koeëls se afkortings

Post by Wouter Roets » Tue Sep 13, 2016 8:07 am

Dankie Deon

Hierdie lys is baie handig en sal verseker van hulp vir ons almal wees.


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Re: Koeëls se afkortings

Post by tripodmvr » Tue Sep 13, 2016 4:40 pm

tripodmvr wrote:Daardie is eerder "copy and paste".
My antwoord was nie om neerhalend te wees nie. Net gesien dat jy dit van 'n Amerikaanse bron moes oorgeneem het. Dankie vir die plasing. Dit sal hopelik die "punte" probleem oplos.
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Re: Koeëls se afkortings

Post by 45acpglock » Sat Mar 24, 2018 9:26 am

Dankie die lys is handig

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Re: Koeëls se afkortings

Post by THOMAST » Mon May 04, 2020 4:23 pm

Nou waar val OTM in? (OTM Open Tipped Match)

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